AGROPAL is one of the most important distributor of Olmix products in Spain. During the Breizh Algae Tour 2014 in Nantes (Francia), Hervé Balusson PDF (OLMIX) and Isabelle Balusson recognized Agropal his work with OLMIX products.

Sergio Viu, Comercial Director, collected the prize in representation from Ignacio Almudevar, which are founding partners. The received a commemorative plaque for his 15 year of mutual collaboration.

Agropal has an extensive experience in livestock area and in services like animal feeding and health and livestock facilities. The career of Agropal and OLMIX has been positive due to his desire of success with the goal to satisfy and improve the yield of his customers. The quality and wide range of products which commercialize meet the needs which the livestock currently request. This made that customer’s business have some characteristics which put them in a high level in the development of their activities. The link of AGROPAL and OLMIX reinforce their leadership in livestock area being an international example of success.