Agropal, secondary award in Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2015

Recognition for Pastores and Agropal in the Corporate Social Responsibility Award.


Pastores Business Group, have been finalist in the VII edition of the Aragonese Award of CSR. Instrumentación and Componentes (INYCOM) has won the prize. Agropal, a company from Huesca, has won a secondary award in the initiation modality.


The judges of the award have recognized Agropal’s merits with a secondary award because: “being a little company, they are making huge efforts in the implementation of Social Responsibility, promoting this idea in their business and local environment”

Pieces of information about Agropal are:

“Agropal is a Company set up in 1992 in Huesca whose activities are focused in the livestock area. We provide services such as animal feeding and health and livestock facilities. Therefore advice and assessment for stockbreeders, mainly in Aragón, Navarra y Lérida. At the moment we have 22 workers.”

Agropal stands out because of their business alliances and collaborations, as well as, we promote the excellence and social responsibility between other enterprise. It is founding partner of Huesca Excelente forum and the promoter of the CSR forum in Huesca.

Awarding with the Business Prices in Huesca and finalist in the Pilot Prize to the Logistics Excellence. Agropal is also a partner from United Nations Global Compact.



The Company Instrumentación y Componentes (INYCOM) is the winner of the Prize of CSR. The judge recognizes “all their work career and efforts to take on the CSR, up to the point of making a model activity”

INYCOM was established in February in 1982 in Zaragoza. Working in marketing, assessment and technical service of electromedical equipments, components and electronic devices. 450 employees work in the company. They have 9 headquarters in 8 autonomous communities and an international office in Netherlands.

These prizes are promoted by the Industry and Innovation Department of the Autonomic Government.

Source: Diario de Campo

Agropal, finalist of Pilot Award in Aragón 2014

Agropal, finalist in the Logistic Pilot prizes.


Seven companies, among them Agropal from Huesca, aspire to get the prize from the Pilot Award 2014. This prize recognizes and values those companies that demonstrate a high level of logistic management. To the participating company this prize means an encouragement to the Excellence by showing their progress in their activities.

Agropal, located in the industrial state Sepes, has 24 employees and a turnover of about 8.500.000 euros. It’s mainly based in two areas: animal health and livestock industry, commercializing cleaning and disinfection products, using them instead of antibiotics.

Into the PYME category, Agropal compete with Enganches y Remolques Aragón, Markleen, Sedovin y Tamdis.


With this prize they want to show the importance of logistics in Aragón, showing the level of excellence of the companies. It expected to be a tool to spread the best business practices and to support the companies to improve their logistic management, apart from motivate and acknowledge company’s work in logistic areas.

The award’s delivery will take place during the International Pilot Forum in Zaragoza, the guide congress of logistic management for the next 26 y 27 of May.

This forum establishes a point between successful business experiences and opinions from the managers of the most prestigious business schools around the world. For more than a decade, logistic management has been discussed in areas like globalization and competitiveness. In this forum, they count on the presence of more than 218 speakers from 15 countries and more than 12.000 attendees. It is considered the biggest congress about logistics in Spain.

The “Open Pilot 2014, Ideas, Process and Tool for Innovation” will take place in the time frame of the Forum. It is organized together with the Aragon’s Institute of Foment ,OTRI from de Zaragoza University and 13 clusters from Aragon.

Source: Diario del Altoaragón

Agropal, Business Award Huesca 2009

Agropal received the maximum recognition from Ceos-Cepyme.

Agropal was awarded with the prize due to his development and good deeds in the economic field and his activity.

The Company from Huesca, Agropal, got the Business Prize Huesca 2009, which celebrated their IV edition. It has been organized by the IAF and Ceos-Cepyme Huesa. The awards ceremony gave a prize to the youngest enterprising business, the best PYME, the more innovative and the best development companies. It took place in the events room from the Technologic Park Walqa. It was filled up with managers from the business world coming from Huesca.


Agropal, located in the industrial area of Huesca called Sepes, celebrated the getting of the Business Award Huesca 2009 which is delivered by Ceos-Cepyme, Aragon Government and IAF. Ignacio Almudévar received from the vice president of Aragón, José Ángel Biel, the recognition for his development and good deeds in the economic activity and in the business development in the serviced focused on animal feeding and health and in the building and maintenance of   livestock business.

The act was developed in the Technology Park Walqa and in it, they were apart from the finalists companies, the Industry, Business and Tourism minister from Aragón, Arturo Aliaga, the mayor of Huesca, Fernando Elboj and the president from Ceos-Cepyme, José Luis López. Furthermore, the general manager from IAF, Antonia Gasión; subdelegate from de Huesca’s Government, Ramón Zapatero; the president from Hoya de Huesca region; Pedro Bergua; the territorial delegate from the Aragon’s Government, Álvaro Calvo; the president of CREA, Jesús Montes; the president from CEpyme-Aragón, Aurelio López de Hita; and the union responsible from UGT and CCOO, Ángel Laguarta and Arancha García also assisted to the act.

As finalists, José María Viñuales (comercial director from Bada Hispanaplast) and Jose María (director of Newlink) collected the honour. Bada Hispanaplast is an enterprise located in Huesca and it focused his work on the development and manufacture of plastic and rubber. Newlink is involved in teaching languages.

On his side, Alfonso Puértolas, partner of Tap Technology Consultancy collected the prize of The Youngest Enterprising (a newness of this edition). He spent five years working in consultory, telecommunications, software and general engineering. Rafael Tena, manager from “Rafael Tena” collected the prize for his business development. Due to this prize which recognized the 80 years working in men and home fashion sales in Monegros and the distribution and manufacture of party complements. Óscar Lombarte, director of Distrómel in San Esteban de La Litera, received the Innovation Award because of his products supply and engineering systems service. His company look for technological answers to problems in control systems, RFID and informatics management. Fernando Lacasa, Talleres Lacasa manager, who received the PYME Award due to his work in repair and selling of vehicles in Sabiñanigo.

Before the delivery of the honors, Fernando Elboj, major of Huesca, recognized “the huge effort” from the business world and he encouraged them to follow with the same business development.  He assure that they keep on going.

On the other side, Ceos-Cepyme president, communicate to the business owners the need of taking on management standards on CSR, considering that, the use of the business ethical like a code of conduct regarding to the environments, customers, suppliers and workers.

Although the Aragon’s and Central Government have been taking on measures in accordance to the requests from CREA and Cepyme-Aragón about construction and industry sector because a lot of companies which work in it have economical and activity losses.

This is causing “the extinction of a lot of enterprises and freelances, result in the increased number of unemployed the last year

López said that the almost 30 companies present in this Award, “have made a steady effort to improve their activity”. From this business; “we must contribute to overcome this situation through more and better working”. But to get over this economic slowdown, public powers have to apply pending measures, concerning to funding and defaulting because they are a huge blight in the economic activity.

The agriculture counsellor mentioned that we will go out from the blight if all together search for the exit, starting by politics, business owners and trade unions. First, Aliaga pointed out that government should reflect and define new strategic measures to improve business activity. “Public Administration can’t create 50.000 jobs so business owners should be convinced to promote favourable environments and stand up for local products. Aliaga went on about “we need a common awareness to make changes”. Walqa is a good example of creation of jobs. It started in 2002 with 35 employees, and 7 later, in 2009, it got almost 800 jobs. This enterprises located in Walqa and others may get advice from Aliaga: “Insist, persist and never desist”

Biel expressed his responsibility of preparing direct acts and measures to decrease the waste and strengthen the new ideas for the 400.000 local families.

Source: Diario del Altoaragón