AGROPAL has been outlined in design and execution of livestock facilities with strength and prestige from the best brands in the market.

We make different kinds of projects; form interior design until specific works for each customer. We analyze the real needs and the alternatives to satisfy our customer. The projects are designed by our technicians and a qualified work team develop the work.


We fit out finisher rooms, feeding, silos, concrete and polypropylene spacers, concrete slats, PVC feeders, drinkers, windows and doors.

Finisher room

Polypropylene finisher room


We are concerned about all the building process from foundation up to the final result. We look for satisfy the requirements of our customer so we offer a huge variety of construction materials and equipment. We also track the work by our technicians.


We are specialized in gestations adapted to the new law, because of that we introduce the most adequate systems to your pork farm.

We fit out your farm with boxes, feeders, drinkers, silos, heating, refrigeration and ventilation systems.


We fit out labour spaces, feeders, silos, slats, drinkers, heating, refrigeration and ventilation systems


We fit out piglet rooms: feeders, silos, slats, drinkers, heating, refrigeration and ventilation systems


Precision injection for medication

AquaBlend injection has been designed for medication and water treatments in livestock environments. It is used to manage chemistry products (liquid or powder). It offers two models with different fixed index or with variable index.

Hydro Systems offers a wide variety of auxiliary products which allow increase the yield of their new injector: AquaBlend. We can configure the system to the most exigent applications.

AquaBlend injector can customize to satisfy commercial strategies of each Company:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Suitable for chemistry products (liquids and powders)
  • Exclusive maintenance without tolos.

Perfect for:

  • Vaccine application
  • Medication application
  • Water treatments
  • Water cleanliness


Different refurbishment of livestock facilities, with before and after photography.